„Leche HYPE‟ drawn by Melzii

Leche Picante

„Are your bones weak and mild? Look no further than Melzii Brand Spicy Milk™! It's filled with calcium for bone strength and exotic spices for flavour. Raising a growing boy? Melzii Brand Spicy Milk™ is the right choice for a balanced breakfast. For stronger, hotter bones drink Melzii Brand Spicy Milk™!”

Listen to the radio ad:

Made by NicklesFox

Hello friend!

If you're here by chance please know that there is (currently) no actual product to acquire. We're very sorry for this but everything here is just jokes and fun from your favourite little chill-goth community.

You are very welcome to join us on Twitch and/or on Discord regardless.

Listen to the awesome combat theme Shrimpathy made for Leche Picante:

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