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Khajiit, female
January 2021 - September 2021

What started off as a stealh archer, later became a sneaky necromancer wielding destruction magic after becoming a vampire lord.

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Melzii plays Skyrim with a few mods. Most notably, though, is the mod pack especially made for this community by PakL. This mod pack includes 3 parts:

Spicy Milk

Adds a cookable item. Mix 1 Jug of Milk and 1 Firesalt to create a Spicy Jug of Milk - Fortifies carry weight for a day. Also available at apothecaries.
Also adds a wierd drink that you probably shouldn't drink. Available at inn keepers.
If you install both Spicy Milk and Buttfoot you can opt in a version where Spicy Milks cures all diseases but Buttfoot.


Adds a new disease.

You can contract Buttfoot by:
  • 2% chance by walking into water (30 seconds cooldown when outside)
  • 20% chance by getting hit AFTER
    • outside: for 30 seconds after walking into water
    • interior: after walking into water or getting near dripping water effects
Debuffs are:
  • Max. carry weight reduced by 50
  • Heal regeneration turned off
  • Green cloud visuals around player/camera

Leche Picante

Leche Picante is a follower who drank too much spicy milk during the great war.
You can find him in his shop on the road from Whiterun to Winterhold.
Leche Picante features exclusive combat music by Shrimpathy!

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Also available for Xbox One: Spicy Milk and Leche Picante

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